CartoonShoe Fittings™ Snapper™

Large Snapper™ image Snap-it-on and snap-it-off, snap-it-locked and unlocked, the Snapper™ is a deceptively simple looking device. Developed over a 3 year period, the development of the Snapper™ included the use of computer animation in analyzing the motions and forces involved. Consultations with rubber engineers were needed to understand rubber's long term stress capacities and to find the ideal rubber formulations, and molding procedures. And not least, the Snapper™ was tested over and over and over again until we got it right; and we did get it right. The Snapper™ is a most amazing piece of equipment.


Shoe Fittings™

Shoe Fittings™ Overview

Shoe Fittings™ Demo

Shoe Fittings™ as a Shock Absorber


Snapper™ hardware image The Snapper™ for snap-on assembly and easy front conversion is one of the hardest working components in the Shoe Fittings™ system.

Sea Horse™

Sea Horse™ hardware image The Sea Horse™ for drop-in assembly of the back-deck is the smooth rolling track that makes assembly and use of your frame a breeze.


ThumNut™ hardware image The ThumNut™ eliminates hardware acrobatics from the assembly process. Let your fingers take control as you attach the arms to the cross-bars.