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Shoe Fittings™ Designed to Save the Frame

When we make a futon frame, obviously normal use is expected. Heavy use is naturally anticipated. But unfortunately real abuse (to some extent) is inevitable.

The simple truth is that sometimes abuse is unavoidable, be it from over excited kids playing with the nifty mechanics, or from guests just trying to be helpful (but not knowing how the frame works).

Whatever the cause, you need something between you and a busted frame.

Once again, I give you Shoe Fittings™. The Natural Shock Absorber.

Our Shoe Fittings™ components are made of natural rubber. They are made to push and pull. The key stress points are all rubber points. They are designed to take the impact and the stretch.

Yes, the rubber will take the use and the abuse. But it will also take the fall.

In fact, in the very worst scenario the rubber is designed to fail; fail before the wood fails; fail before you get serious and expensive breakage. Is that cool or what.

If your Shoe Fittings™ component does break, simply contact us and order a replacement. 99% of the time you simply unscrew the old and re-attach the new. You’re back in action.

Shoe Fittings™

Shoe Fittings™ Overview

Shoe Fittings™ Demo

Shoe Fittings™ as a Shock Absorber


Snapper™ hardware image The Snapper™ for snap-on assembly and easy front conversion is one of the hardest working components in the Shoe Fittings™ system.

Sea Horse™

Sea Horse™ hardware image The Sea Horse™ for drop-in assembly of the back-deck is the smooth rolling track that makes assembly and use of your frame a breeze.


ThumNut™ hardware image The ThumNut™ eliminates hardware acrobatics from the assembly process. Let your fingers take control as you attach the arms to the cross-bars.