Shoe Fittings™ Operating System

Andy image Shoe Fittings™ is nothing short of a revolution in futon mechanics. Convenience, ease, reliability and replaceablility are among the many benefits reaped from this beautiful system.

It is all about the system. That’s why we call it the Shoe Fittings™ Operating System.

The Shoe Fittings™ Operating System is a hardware based approach to simplifying the assembly and the conversion of a futon frame. In addition, Shoe Fittings™, being made of natural rubber, will ensure your futon frame is sturdy and reliable for years to come.

Shoe Fittings™ is also designed to help save your futon frame from breakage! Learn how Shoe Fittings™ works as a shock absorber.

Shoe Fittings™ GOLD

SHOE FITTINGS™ GOLD operating system brings you total convenience and ease:

  • Easy 4-bolt Assembly with ThumNuts™
  • Drop-in Assembly with the Sea Horse™
  • Snap-on Construction and trouble free Front Operating with the Snapper™

You get the SHOE FITTINGS™ GOLD operating system on all Premium Collection models.

See how it works on our video support page.

Andy demonstrates the simplicity of Shoe Fittings™ GOLD below.

Shoe Fittings™ Bronze

SHOE FITTINGS™ Bronze operating system is the very best front loading, easy assembly system you’ll find in any standard futon model industry wide. Our patented Snapper™ does it all.

You get the SHOE FITTINGS™ BRONZE operating system on all Standard Collection models.

See how it works on our video support page.

Andy explains Shoe Fittings™ GOLD

Andy and Shoe Fittings™ Gold comic

The Shoe Fittings™ System is protected by U.S. Patents #6,715,166, #6,782,569, #6,785,919, #6,457,923 and other patents pending.

Shoe Fittings™

Shoe Fittings™ Overview

Shoe Fittings™ Demo

Shoe Fittings™ as a Shock Absorber


Snapper™ hardware image The Snapper™ for snap-on assembly and easy front conversion is one of the hardest working components in the Shoe Fittings™ system.

Sea Horse™

Sea Horse™ hardware image The Sea Horse™ for drop-in assembly of the back-deck is the smooth rolling track that makes assembly and use of your frame a breeze.


ThumNut™ hardware image The ThumNut™ eliminates hardware acrobatics from the assembly process. Let your fingers take control as you attach the arms to the cross-bars.