About Night & Day Furniture

Night & Day Furniture is the fastest growing futon seller in America. Why...? Because being the best is personal with me.

As you browse this site you will discover that our products are the easiest to assemble and the simplest to operate. You will find that we have a broad range of stylish and well made futon and bedroom collections. Browse our collections and you'll see the tried and true... and the pleasingly new.

But where did it all start?

Night & Day Furniture started with an idea of doing something different; and something a lot smarter. I am the first to admit that futon as a product category has been totally abused; futon is a compromised little turkey!

Unfinished stick furniture, cheap n cheezey, horribly difficult to assemble, mass-merchant products with mattress-and-frame stuffed into one crappy box. Not much to get people excited about.

But what if futon furniture were done correctly?

You start with wood. That’s a great start. You finish it in a warm, appealing range of attractive colors. Wood and finish, that’s easy to understand.

Put effort into styling, classic styles, familiar styles, novel styles. Bring the idea up in a 3D model, rotate it, tweak it and get it right before you ever cut wood.

Offer function and utility. Trays, storage boxes, magazine racks; make it useful, and make these features easy to use.

Build it right so it is strong and will last. Construct with mortise and tenon joints like an old timer would. Put a solid warranty behind the product because you are so confident.

And of course make it quick to assemble, and easy to operate…

…say what?

Okay, here's where everything changes. Departure hall.

What if. What if you designed a frame that assembled with 4 easy bolts. What if the Back Deck dropped in place on an open track, ready to roll? What if the Seat just snapped on to the Back?

What if that were it?

Meet SHOE FITTINGS™, our FUTON OPERATING SYSTEM. Quick to assemble and easy to operate. Components are made of 100% natural rubber. They'll remind you of marine life; meet the Snapper™ and the Sea Horse™. They squeeze, they pull, they'll absorb the shock and they last and last; and no, they don't swim.

That is where we started. A goal that I am pleased to say is now the real thing.

And futons? At Night & Day Furniture we call them what they are. They are futons. We don't call them convertible sofa sleepers, or casual sleepers, or sofa bed convertibles. We just call them futons; 'cause that's what they are and we're proud of 'em.

So that's where we started, and that's where we are. Today in addition to futon frames we have a complete collection of Bedroom Furniture; and we are still growing.

And lastly let me say that Night & Day Furniture is more than all that. The whole experience is about bringing you furniture that we would want in our own homes. No kidding. We want our furniture loved and enjoyed for its ease and comfort. We want you, our customer, to tell a friend... you'll do that if you are excited. That's personal!

Mike Gallawa